State Foundation for Training and Employment (FUNDAE)

Training subsidies in your company

Companies have an annual credit allocated by the Governmental foundation FUNDAE (formerly Fundación Tripartita), which can come into effect through the application for Social Security deductions once the training is completed.

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How much credit can my company apply for?

The available credit is equal to 60% of the amount quoted by Social Security for the purpose of Professional Training during the previous financial year, multiplied by a weighting factor that varies between 100% for companies of up to nine employees and 60% for companies of over 50 employees.

There is a minimum assured credit of 420 euros per year for small companies.

You can find out the credit available to your company with the credit simulator, which is activated by FUNDAE.

As a certified FUNDAE Organising Entity, Interlinco, can also carry out all the procedures and administrative formalities required to obtain the reimbursement.

How can I use my company’s credit?

If you wish, Interlinco, as a certified Organising Entity of FUNDAE will, at no additional cost, carry out all the procedures and formalities in order to obtain the bonus on completing our courses.

Small groups and similar levels

  • Very small groups of between 3 and 8 people to maximise student interaction in the class.
  • Groups of similar levels thanks to a level test before the start of the course.


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