Translation services

Reliable translations, fast turnaround times

Our translation services are based on five key concepts: specialisation, flexibility, quality assurance, confidentiality and customer satisfaction. Our translation processes ensure absolute confidentiality and full compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards.

We work with an extensive network of translators; native speakers who have successfully passed our rigorous selection process and have the specific work experience in their specialist area of translation.

Areas of expertise

Legal translation

Our legal translation services are carried out by university-educated native-speaking professionals, with proven experience in their field. We work closely with our clients, guaranteeing the maximum accuracy of translations in every aspect: legal, financial and technical.

We have over fifteen years’ experience in the main areas of commercial law, civil, criminal and administrative law. In the legal and financial sector, we work and collaborate with the main Spanish and UK law firms, with insurance companies, financial institutions and major audit firms.


Financial translation

Whatever the sector and the nature of the document, we can deal with your financial translations with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. Whether it is an annual report, research project, press release, or any other business or communication, we will ensure that your text receives the appropriate treatment.

Many international financial institutions, corporations and law firms already put their confidence in Interlinco for the translation of their business documents.

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Technical and engineering translation

Technical translations require in-depth technical knowledge and know-how, whether this is scientific, environmental, engineering, computing or other, we have highly qualified specialists available to translate all variety of technical documents in the fields of renewable energies, automotive industry, chemical products, construction, telecoms and others.

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Medical and pharmaceutical translation

Medical and pharmaceutical translation is an extremely specialised discipline which requires highly qualified translators with complete conversance in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Our translators are always native speakers and have proven experience in this translating field.

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Marketing and web translation

We make sure that marketing material has the desired effect, both culturally and demographically speaking, regardless of the target language. We carry out effective advertising translations that meet the commercial objective sought, while remaining truthful and accurate to the original document.

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Certified translations

Certified or sworn translations (“traducciones juradas”) are official documents required to attest to the validity of the original document when submitted to official authorities, educational institutions or other public bodies. In Spain, they are always signed and sealed by a “sworn translator” registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


All EU languages, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and others

We provide accurate translations in over 40 language combinations including all European Union languages (English, Spanish, German, French, etc.) as well as Slavic, Asian and Middle East languages.

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