Translation process

Compliance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17100

The perfect translation is that which the readers perceive as an original document in the target language. Our translation procedure involves the following steps:


Project assessment and team selection

The project manager assigned to the task assesses the client’s requirements and prepares a work plan for the project which includes the following points:

  • Definition of the reference documentation, specific terminology and glossaries, along with the client’s specific glossaries and style guidelines.
  • Translation team selection: only native-speaking translators of the target language with a minimum of five years’ experience in the specific field are selected for the project.
  • We keep the same team of translators for each client, where appropriate, making sure that the consistent use of terminology and customer-specific style is at a constant.
  • Format and delivery terms agreed with the client.

Translation, review & editing

Our team completes the translation within the timeframe, leaving sufficient time to revise the work and the layout or presentation if required. A second native-speaking professional reviews the translation, proposing modifications and liaising with the translator and the project coordinator in order to ensure the quality and consistency of the translation.

Proofreading, delivery & feedback

Once the documentation has been submitted, prior to invoicing, the following steps will be taken to assess, analyse and ensure continuous improvement in all our procedures.

  • Client feedback by means of a questionnaire to gauge satisfaction.
  • Updating of corporate glossaries and reference documents for future projects.
  • Internal reassessment of the project team.


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