Technical equipment

Rental, installation and operation of the interpretation system

Simultaneous interpreting requires special sound systems allowing the interpreter to hear and translate the speaker’s statements, as the audience listens to a translation into their chosen languages via headsets.

Interpretation equipment typically includes the following items:


The basic equipment consists of loudspeakers, microphones for the speakers and wireless microphones for questions from the audience.

Interpreting booths provide soundproofing and a clear view of the speakers. If the event hall does not have built-in interpreting booths, it is possible to install mobile booths.

Booth specifications defined under ISO 2603 (fixed booths) and ISO 4043 (mobile booths) mainly establish the need for a separate booth per target language, 1.6 to 2.5 m measurements, soundproofing to isolate the interpreters, adequate ventilation, lighting and good visibility.

In cases where it is not possible to install the booths in the same room where the event or meeting takes place, either because of lack of space or for another reason, it is possible to install a closed circuit television so that the interpreter can see the speakers and their materials.

At smaller meetings it is possible to simplify the installation by using portable interpreting equipment. This system does not require interpreting booths. The interpreter, located near the speaker, translates into a microphone.

Participants receive a translation of the speech into their chosen language through small, wireless headsets (thus allowing them total freedom of movement). Interlinco usually works with infrared headsets, which ensure excellent sound quality without any feedback or interference. They also make it impossible to receive the signal from anywhere outside the room, thus guaranteeing complete privacy and confidentiality.


Professional, experienced sound technicians

Our sound technicians will evaluate each project individually, selecting the most appropriate equipment in each case and ensuring trouble-free interpretation. They will be in charge of:

  • Installing and uninstalling all interpreting equipment
  • Sound level monitoring in loudspeakers, microphones and booths
  • Ensuring proper functioning of equipment at all times


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