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For years, we have specialised in language training for big and small companies. We currently provide such services as: Spanish training in different MBA programmes in various prestigious schools around the world, English, French and Portuguese training in different leading engineering companies; and we are one of the top suppliers in the legal, financial, industrial and service sectors.

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Our clients’ opinions on language training for companies

The experience was very fulfilling; I would highly recommend Interlinco for how they deal with people, the professional and human quality of the teachers and the flexibility of Interlinco as a company and of the teachers to adapt to my complicated day-to-day timetable.

Manager, Abantia Morocco

Logo Abantia

I loved working with Interlinco. It was very helpful to work on structured topics and prepare for real-life-situations as the lessons were closely interlinked to everyday life. Interlinco’s knowledge of my specific area of work was of great help as we could work relating to my everyday work-life. I was surprised how fast I could use my learned sessions out in daily situations.

Senior Designer Womenswear, Loewe

Logo Loewe

My experience with Interlinco’s intensive Spanish courses was fantastic. They are very professional in the way they work. And Madrid is a great and most enjoyable city.

Partner, Herbert Smith (London)

Logo Herbert Smith Freehills

The teachers are very professional and nice. It is very convenient that they come to your office so as not to waste time, and changes can be made to the classes without any problem. I am happy, classes are made easy and it is relaxing despite the effort expected of us.

Commercial Law Lawyer, Uría Menédez

Logo Uría Menéndez

My experience with Interlinco was very positive. In my opinion, their main strength is the professionalism of their teachers, which is a mark of quality. I also valued the flexibility of the organisation at all times.

Executive, Gamesa Technological Corporation

Logo Gamesa

IInterlinco have been able to bring me from my absolute ignorance of the Spanish language to an operational level allowing me to fully exercise my responsibilities, to speak in public or in private circles and to lead negotiations in a full Spanish environment, within a surprisingly short time. Their professionalism and their understanding of the needs of their clients have been the enablers of this achievement.

Partner, Ernst & Young

Logo Ernst And Young

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