Spanish courses

Spanish intensive courses in Madrid and more

Our Spanish courses place special emphasis on oral expression and comprehension, in addition to focusing on precise didactic and grammatical objectives for each level.

Native and experienced Spanish language teachers

The courses are given by experienced teachers, native-speakers of the Spanish language. Their overall grasp of the language and extensive teaching experience allow students to make the most of every hour of the sessions.


Spanish courses offer

We provide Spanish classes, which are highly communicative, focusing on both general and specialised Spanish. The classes are dynamic and highly participatory, following the objectives proposed at the beginning of the course. Very small groups (3 to 8 people) and similar levels thanks to a level test before the start of the course.

  • Spanish Private courses
  • Spanish Intensive courses
  • Spanish Immersion courses
  • Spanish In-company courses
  • Cultural activities in Spanish (literature, theatre, cinema, debates…)


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