Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting at conferences, large meetings & conventions

The interpreters are seated in a soundproof booth and do the interpreting while the speaker talks. In the meeting room, the speaker talks into a microphone, the interpreter receives the sound signal via headphones and conveys his interpretation almost simultaneously into another microphone. Attendees select their chosen language on their headsets to listen to the interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation is often used in conventions, conferences, seminars, business events, high-level meetings, shareholders’ meetings of large companies, award deliveries, etc.

Due to the intensity of the effort, it is usually required to have two interpreters per language, except in those cases where the speech subject of the interpretation is very brief.


Bilingual interpreters with proven experience

Interlinco has extensive experience in simultaneous interpretation in congresses, conferences and other major events for companies and both national and international organisations.

Our interpreters are reputed professionals, with great experience and training, bilingual in the working languages and selected by areas of specialisation.

The seminar was a success. We were really satisfied with the quality of the interpreters and the reliability of the technical team.

Head of the Marketing Department, SGS Spain

Interpreting working pairs

Interlinco only works with professional, bilingual interpreters. We do interpretation from and into all European Union languages, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian and other languages.

New generation technical equipment

We provide all the necessary technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation, as well as specialised sound technicians with extensive experience in simultaneous interpretation. We are also able to offer audiovisual equipment, if necessary.


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