Russian interpreters

Professional, experienced Russian interpreters

Interlinco only works with reputed Russian interpreters, specialised in various areas (legal, financial, marketing, engineering, medicine, pharmacology, etc.)


Our experience speaks for itself

We have extensive experience in interpretation at congresses, conferences, board meetings, shareholders’ meetings and other large events for Spanish and international companies and organisations.

Interpreting types

What is the most suitable interpretation mode for your event? We work with our clients to prepare for interpretation by selecting the most experienced conference or consecutive interpreters for each topic.

  • Russian simultaneous interpreting
  • Russian consecutive interpreting
  • Russian whispered or liaison interpreting
  • Russian sworn interpreting

Maximum confidentiality

All our Russian interpreters have signed confidentiality agreements with Interlinco. Likewise, Interlinco will sign confidentiality agreements with our clients, at no extra cost, if they deem it appropriate.


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