During the lockdown, ICT has played a fundamental role in our daily life.

At Interlinco, our entire activity has been carried out digitally through our own virtual platform and by using various web tools.

During May we successfully arranged Spanish level tests for new students enrolled at the School of Human Science and Technology, Instituto de Empresa. All assessments were carried out online, both as regards Spanish grammar and spoken Spanish.

Furthermore, in the next few months Instituto de Empresa will welcome its new IMBA students for the next academic year, who will again complete both English and Spanish level tests in digital form.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, several enterprises have continued requesting language level testing for their employees or candidates in a selection process. Interlinco has collaborated as their partner in this task, through our “Digital Classroom”.

All of us at Interlinco remain committed to health and safety, striving to find alternatives in order to continue moving forward whilst offering our services.

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