The COVID-19 crisis has forced enterprises in various sectors to rewrite the rules during these difficult months. Interlinco has not stopped working to secure its range of language courses, adapted to the current circumstances. As a result, we have developed a virtual classroom in web format, download-free, with an integrated videoconference system with all the features of a Aula Digital (blackboard, turn to speak, viewing of videos, audio files, work in small groups or in pairs).

Furthermore, the platform offers various activities and resources available outside videoconference sessions, such as Forums, Glossaries, activities and tutorials. All classes are taught by a native teacher, during the times and on the days previously agreed with each student. All sessions may be recorded for future consultation and each teacher will also provide additional material available 24 hours a day.

Over the last few months, many enterprises have continued their formative activity online thanks to these types of tools. Furthermore, current regulations entitle businesses to use their formative subsidies to train their workers in language classes, compensating the cost of this corporate training against part of their Social Security payments.

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