The serious conflict between Russia and Ukraine has generated the need for collaboration between the different members of the European Union. Now more than ever it is essential to transmit all information related to this unfortunate historical event and Interlinco did not want to stay on the sidelines, but to do our bit and do [...]

INTERLINCO collaborates with the 500th Anniversary of the 1st Circumnavigation of the Globe

In line with our international vocation and proud of our Spanish identity, INTERLINCO participates in the official commemorative events of the First Circumnavigation of the Globe by Magellan and Elcano (1519-1522). In particular, INTERLINCO has joined forces with Asociación de Amigos de los Grandes Navegantes y Exploradores Españoles (AGNYEE, Association of Friends of the Great […]


Furthermore, in the next few months Instituto de Empresa will welcome its new IMBA students for the next academic year, who will again complete both English and Spanish level tests in digital form.


The COVID-19 crisis has forced enterprises in various sectors to rewrite the rules during these difficult months. Interlinco has not stopped working to secure its range of language courses, adapted to the current circumstances. As a result, we have developed a virtual classroom in web format, download-free, with an integrated videoconference system with all the […]


After the British withdrawal last January, the European Union comprises 27 Member States. The languages ​​of its different countries are the tools for the daily development of the European project, achieved through active participation. The European citizens have the unquestionable right to interact with public bodies and to access the laws and other information from […]

Interlinco supporting Spanish golf

Interlinco was the proud sponsor of the First Cervera Family Golf Tournament, which brought together numerous descendents of Admiral Cervera on 1 November at the National Golf Centre in Madrid. Among those taking part were the current Spanish over-30 champion, Cristina Cervera, as well as other players from around Spain. There was a particularly good […]

Annual event with our team and collaborators

Madrid, July 2019. On 5th July, Interlinco Servicios Lingüísticos and Akkam Research Services held its classic summer dinner attended by its team of translators, interpreters and language teachers. This year it also celebrates the 15th anniversary of founding Interlinco and the 12th anniversary of the joint venture that brought both companies together. The reception, with […]

The importance of a bilingual CV

When looking for a job, the CV is our identity badge, the portrayal of our career and provides the first impression we make on the employer. Therefore, it must create a flawless impression, be clear and be concise. In the current highly competitive job market, it is vitally important that we create a CV that […]

How to obtain an Apostille for your document before ordering a sworn translation?

  When we need to use an official Spanish document in a foreign country (judgments, certificates of the Civil Registry, notarial documents, academic records, etc.), it is customary, before ordering a sworn translation, to obtain an Apostille of The Hague, a certification that attests to the authenticity of our document, and which will be recognised […]

Leaders in medical interpreting

In recent years, Interlinco has established itself as a leading company in the field of medical interpreting in Spain, where it has provided its services to major clinics in Madrid, Barcelona and other large cities through agreements with insurance companies. Medical interpreting not only requires an in-depth knowledge of the various branches of medicine; the […]


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