Medical translation services

Professional translators with proven experience

Medical and pharmaceutical translation is an extremely specialised discipline, which requires highly qualified translators with extensive knowledge in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Our translators are always native speakers and have proven experience in this translating field.


Highly specialised medical and pharmaceutical department

Our continuous collaboration with businesses in the pharmaceutical industry has led us to create a special department for the pharmaceutical industry and medical institutions. Our translators have direct experience working face-to-face with Chemists, Pharmacologists and Microbiologists.  Some of the technical documentation we work with includes:

  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Genetics
  • Processes for developing medicines
  • Clinical trials – Phases I-III
  • Test methods
  • Protocols
  • Descriptions of drugs
  • Production, labelling and packaging
  • Distribution and marketing

Translation services in over 40 language combinations

We provide highly effective marketing translations in over 40 language combinations and in all European Union languages as English, Spanish, German, French etc. as well as Slavic, Asian and Middle East languages.


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