Marketing and PR translation

We speak the language of your clients

With several million words translated for marketing and public relations agencies and departments, we can ensure that your marketing material (from creative website content, brochures and other marketing materials to brand name checks, market surveys, press releases and financial documents) will produce the desired effect, whatever the language.


Our customers speak for us

What a company tells you about itself is only one side of the story. That is why we let our customers speak for us. We are proud to include among our list of clients, prestigious firms such as Cadbury, Goodyear, Zapping or MC Saatchi to name but a few. (Client testimonials by industries)

Thanks to the level of commitment to our teams and their flexibility in delivering translations, we see Interlinco as a strategic partner in the development of our company’s business and marketing activities.

Trade Marketing Executive. Goodyear Dunlop Tires

Target-country native translators

The use of appropriate terminology and local idioms in the target language can only be guaranteed by using a translator who is from the country targeted in the campaign, supported and assisted by specific glossaries and style guides for each client.

Expert Spanish marketing translation services

We provide accurate translations in over 40 language combinations including all European Union languages (English, Spanish, German, French, etc.) as well as Slavic, Asian and Middle East languages.

Working formats

We handle the editing and layout of documentation in various formats (QuarkXpress, InDesign, PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, Photoshop, etc.). This service is considered a value-added service and is priced separately from the translation. For other conventional formats, like Word or PowerPoint, no surcharge will usually apply.

Transcription and subtitling services

We can transcribe your video and audio files in a variety of languages, both as text documents and in subtitle formats. We have experience in transcribing and subtitling advertisements, promotional and corporate videos, radio commercials and news stories, always tailored to the client’s needs and taking into account the specific requirements of audiovisual communication.


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