INTERLINCO SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS Y DE COMUNICACIÓN, S.L. (“INTERLINCO”) is a Spanish limited company with corporate domicile at Calle Claudio Coello 125, 28006 Madrid and main offices in Calle 26 General Oráa, also in 28006 Madrid (Spain). It is registered with the Commercial Registry of Madrid in book 19.964, sheet 187, page M-352074 and holds Spanish Tax ID (CIF) no. B-83959775. INTERLINCO is also registered in the Spanish registry of intra-Community supplier of services, with VAT Number ESB83959775.

You can contact us by phone on +34 91 4114614 and e-mail at For issues regarding personal data protection, please contact us at

European Union law recognises freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services in the Single Market. From its headquarters in Madrid, INTERLINCO offers cross-border services to UK citizens and corporations since 2004, in full compliance with applicable UK laws and regulations as well as Spanish and European law.



The following general terms regulate the use (including mere access) of the web pages which are part of INTERLINCO’s website (“INTERLINCO Site”). Visitors to our website are required to accept the following terms and conditions in return for the information given about us, our business and the services we offer through our website.

The use of this website may also be subject to specific terms which will prevail in case of conflict with the general terms of use. INTERLINCO reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice, the appearance and structure of the INTERLINCO Site, as well as the general or specific terms of use.

Any person who has access to the INTERLINCO Site (the “User”) hereby acknowledges and expressly accepts that the use of the INTERLINCO Site is made under his/her sole and exclusive responsibility at all times.

  • Security measures: While making use of the INTERLINCO Site, the User undertakes not to act in any way that may damage the image, interests or rights of INTERLINCO or of third parties, or that may damage, render useless or overload the INTERLINCO Site, or that may impede, in any way, the normal use of the INTERLINCO Site.

INTERLINCO implements reasonable security measures which are adequate to detect the existence of viruses. Nevertheless, the User must be aware that the existing security measures for computer systems on the Internet are not entirely unfailing and that, therefore, INTERLINCO cannot guarantee the non-existence of viruses or any other elements that may cause alterations to the User’s computer systems (hardware and software) or to his/her electronic files.

  • Contents: The Contents of the INTERLINCO Site are made available to the User by INTERLINCO with information taken from its own and from third party sources. INTERLINCO tries to ensure that the Contents are of the best possible quality and reasonably updated, however, INTERLINCO does not guarantee the usefulness, preciseness, completeness, relevance of the Contents and/or whether such Contents are up to date.
  • Industrial and intellectual property rights: Users shall respect at all times all the industrial and intellectual property rights existing over the INTERLINCO Site, whether owned by INTERLINCO or by third parties. The User is expressly prohibited to carry out any reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available, extraction, reusing, resending or in any way using, by any means or procedure, of any of the parts of the INTERLINCO Site, except when it is lawful to do so or authorisation has been provided by the holder of the relevant rights.

Users may visualise and obtain a temporary private copy of the Contents, for their exclusive personal and private use on their computer systems (software and hardware) as long as it is not for the purpose of developing commercial or professional activities which compete with INTERLINCO.

  • Links to the INTERLINCO Site and Linked Sites: Users and in general any person or entity who wishes to use a hyperlink or technical link device (such as, text links or buttons) from their website to the INTERLINCO Site (“Hyperlink”) has to previously notify INTERLINCO and obtain its consent.

The use of a Hyperlink does not imply in any case any relationship between INTERLINCO and the owner of the website or web page in which it appears, nor does it imply INTERLINCO’s acceptance or approval of its content or services.

INTERLINCO reserves the right in any case and at any time to prohibit or disable any hyperlink to INTERLINCO’s Site, especially in cases of illegal activity or content on the website which includes the hyperlink.

The INTERLINCO Site makes available to the User, solely for the purposes of searching and accessing information, contents and services available on the Internet, hyperlinks or technical link devices (such as, text links or buttons), which allow the User to access Internet sites or portals which belong to or are managed by third parties (the “Linked Sites”). INTERLINCO does not offer, on its own behalf or through third parties, the information, contents and services available in the Linked Sites, nor does it approve of, supervise or control in any way whatsoever the contents and services or any material of any nature therein available. Thus, the User shall be exclusively responsible for the navigation between the said sites.



Any issues regarding INTERLINCO’s Site or the activities related to it are governed by Spanish law. Any dispute or litigation arising from it are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the capital of Madrid, unless the law on consumer protection establishes otherwise.




We process the information you provide to us to respond to the queries, requests, complaints or suggestions you send us through our INTERLINCO web forms, to find out about our customers’ opinions. We also process CVs regarding job offers to contact applicants and select candidates.

Legal basis for INTERLINCO’s use of your personal data:

  • Consent: when you have provided your consent by signing or acceptance of the appropriate forms for one or more specific purposes in accordance with article 6.1.a) of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Send you commercial information if you give us your consent or based on our legitimate interests if you already are an INTERLINCO client.
  • Provision of our services.


In general, we keep the personal data you provide for as long as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, as long as you do not object or revoke your consent. Personal data provided to enable us to give you an estimate or information about our services will be kept for a maximum of six months. If you become one of our clients, your personal data will be included in our data base in order to be able to provide our services and kept for the duration of the contractual relationship and afterwards during the time necessary to address potential liability claims (as a general rule, up to ten years).


INTERLINCO will not disclose or transfer your personal data to third parties, except when required by law and for the purposes legally established.


You are entitled at any time to withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data. You may also exercise your rights to access, rectification, erasure, objection, data portability and processing restriction by writing to us specifying the right you wish to exercise and attaching a copy of an identity document at the email address or by post to:


Calle General Oraá nº 26 – 1º

28006 Madrid

Due to the confidential nature of this information, you will not be able to excersice these rights by telephone.

You can also send a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Authority (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos) at Calle Jorge Juan, nº 6, 28001 Madrid, if you think that your personal data have not be handled properly.


The personal data processed by INTERLINCO come from data bases belonging to INTERLINCO which have been created with personal data voluntarily provided by our clients or partners.

Furthermore we remind you that as a user of our website you are responsible for the accuracy of the data you provide and you should inform INTERLINCO of any changes, and that INTERLINCO rejects any liability in this respect.


Last update of legal information and privacy policy: 22 June 2020


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