Legal translation services

In the legal and financial sector we work with the main Spanish and UK law firms, with insurance companies, financial institutions and major audit firms.


Our specialised legal translators have a great deal of experience working in multi-lingual legal environments. Most of them have undertaken legal training in more than one European jurisdiction and are registered with the regulating bodies of their countries such as the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados of Madrid, The Law Society of England and Wales, Bureau de Paris or Ordine degli Avvocati di Roma.

  • Translation of contracts (SPAs, franchise agreements, syndicated loans, guarantees, etc.)
  • Public deeds, powers of attorney, articles of association, shareholders’ and board meetings
  • Translation of court judgments and administrative rulings, legal opinions
  • Due diligence reports
  • Stock market entry brochures. Good governance codes and remuneration reports
  • Industrial property
  • Formalisation of arbitration and award procedures.
  • Articles, letters and other documents

We understand that the utmost accuracy is vital in legal translation and by always using translators specialised in this field we ensure that the text is translated without losing any of its original legal effect.

Balanced with this we know that time is generally of the essence in this type of work and are able to turn around a high-quality translation in a short period of time.

Certified translation services

We can deliver translations by a team of official translators certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At Interlinco, we proudly collaborate on a regular basis with some of the most prestigious Spanish sworn translators and interpreters.

Legal transcription services

We offer legal transcription services for law firms and professionals. We transform your audio or video files (recordings of trials, depositions, arbitration hearings, etc.) into text documents that include a complete and unaltered literal transcription of what each person says at the proceedings.

Legal translation services in over 40 language combinations

With our highly-qualified team, we are able to provide reliable legal translations in all European Union languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, etc. as well as Slavic, Asian and Middle East languages.


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