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Updated: February 2019

Romanian-Spanish consecutive interpreting

European Commission – IBF International Consulting

Madrid, February 2019

On the 25th and 26th of  February our interpreters carried out the Romanian-Spanish consecutive interpreting services during the cooperation conference that brought together the Spanish and Moldavian delegations at the General Secretariat for Digital Administration.

Simultaneous English-Spanish interpreting and technical equipment

Clifford Chance

Madrid, February 2019

On 14th February, Interlinco-Akkam provided the simultaneous interpreting services and technical equipment required for the II Foro de Litigios y Arbitraje: Brexit y Litigación that took place in Torre de Cristal (Madrid). During the event, expert lawyers from Clifford Chance London and Clifford Chance Madrid analised the implications of Brexit on the existing legal situations and its effects on litigation.

Portuguese-Spanish consecutive interpreting

Foro técnico de formación

Madrid, December 2018 – February 2019

Foro Técnico de Formación has relied on Interlinco’s interpreting services for the training sessions on Prevention of Industrial Hazards for its employees.

Simultaneous English-Spanish interpreting and technical equipment

Spain Investors Day 2019

Madrid, January 2019

Interlinco provided services on the Spain Investors Day 2019, where international investors joined, among others, the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto; the Minister for Economy, Nadia Calviño, and the Governor of the Banco de España, Pablo Hernández de Cos. All of them enjoyed the support of Interlinco’s team, in addition to the technical equipment necessary for the transmission of simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpreting Spanish-English

Spanish UNHCR Committee

Madrid, November 2018

The Spanish Committee for UNHCR (ACNUR) celebrated its 25th anniversary on 26 November in Madrid. Interlinco collaborated at the event by providing interpreting services for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi.

Russian and Montenegrin – Spanish, consecutive interpreting and technical equipment

European Commission – IBF International Consulting

Madrid, October 2018

On 8, 9, 10 and 11 October the Interlinco interpreting team was in charge of the Russian and Montenegrin <> Spanish consecutive interpreting services. They also organised the necessary technical communication resources during workshops at which Spanish representatives and delegations from Belarus and Montenegro discussed matters relating to the fight against cross-border crime linked to drug trafficking. The meeting was organised by the European Commission through the private organisation IBF International Consulting, with support from the Spanish National Police Force.

Simultaneous French-Spanish interpreting

RS Componentes

Madrid, September 2018

Interlinco’s French interpreting team once more made the trip to Pozuelo, Madrid, where they translated meetings at the RS Componentes head office with its visitors from France.

Simultaneous English-Spanish interpreting and the technical and audiovisual team for ANGED


Madrid, September 2018

The Annual Assembly of the National Association of Large Distribution Companies (ANGED) took place on 18 September at Club Financiero Génova. Taking part at the event were the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto; head of Retail for the European Commission’s DG GROW, Michael König; and the President of ANGED, Alfonso Merry del Val. Their speeches were translated by Interlinco’s interpreting team.

Simultaneous interpreting: Romanian, Bulgarian, German, Czech, Polish and Croatian, from and into Spanish


Madrid, July 2018

Roca Sanitario once more used the services of a team of simultaneous interpreters from Interlinco for its annual event, the 19th Communications European Roca Forum, which this year took place in Porto, Portugal.

English-Arabic-Spanish consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for UNICEF


Madrid, June 2018

The Syrian activist and youngest UNICEF ambassador, Muzoon Almellehan, visited Madrid on 27 and 28 June. During the visit, Almellehan met with UNICEF collaborators, as well as press and journalists from a variety of media organizations. She offered inspiring talks and granted interviews about her position as a Syrian refugee.

Interlinco provided the simultaneous, consecutive and escort interpreting services between Arabic, English and Spanish, and was the essential linguistic nexus and support for Muzoon and her father Rakan.

English-Spanish consecutive translation for UNED


Madrid, June 2018

Interlinco worked with UNED on its summer courses. On this occasion, the course on innovation in language teaching focused on innovative proposals and practices for teaching foreign languages through open education methodologies and technologies such as MOOC and/or the use of mobile devices, with particular attention being given to students from displaced groups (refugees and migrants).

Simultaneous Japanese-Spanish interpreting


MIMETIC: The art of copying nature (Odontology Conference). Interlinco provided its simultaneous interpreting services at a talk-homage for Hitoshi Aoshima (Japan), one of the most famous dental ceramicists and creator of the internal staining technique.

Interpretation services from Spanish into English and technical equipment

European Commission – IBF International Consulting

On the 29th and 30th of May, Interlinco provided simultaneous interpretation services from Spanish into English, in addition to the necessary technical equipment during a conference on asset recovery, part of a joint initiative of Spain and the Netherlands. The event was organised by the European Commission through the private organization IBF International Consulting, in collaboration with the Office of Asset Recovery and Management (ORGA), under the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

Interpretation services from Spanish into Arabic

Fundación Policía Española

Algeciras, Málaga, Madrid, May 2018

Our interpreters supported the activities carried out during the study visits conducted by various Moroccan police groups to the General Commissariat of Immigration and Borders within the framework of a bilateral cooperation program.

Simultaneous interpretation services from Spanish into English


Madrid, May 2018

For its General Shareholders Meeting, which was held at Palacio de Congresos de Madrid,  Repsol relied on Interlinco-Akkam for its simultaneous interpretation needs.

Simultaneous interpretation services from Spanish to Italian

Fundación Marcelino Champagnat-Obra social marista

Madrid, April 2018

With its team of Italian-Spanish simultaneous interpreters, Interlinco participated in the Social Coordinators Meeting of the Marist Mediterranean Province held on the 27th and 28th of April at the Marist Training Community and Center in Madrid.

Interpretation services from Spanish to French

RS Components (Amidata)

Madrid, April 2018

RS Components counted once again on our consecutive interpreting services for their face-to-face interviews with different departments.

Interpretation services from Spanish to English

Team Estrella Galicia 0,0

Madrid, February 2018

Our interpreters were present at the launch of Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 and its ambitious project to take part in the MotoGP World Championship in all three categories.

Simultaneous interpretation services from Spanish into English

SEO Birdlife

Madrid, January 2018

Mr. Ricardo Sixto and Mr. José Juan Trillo, Chairmen of the Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda Committee and the Committee on Climate Change Research, respectively, received a visit from the Chairman of the British Committee on Climate Change, Mr. John Selwyn Gummer (Lord Deben).

Interpretation for the Codere Board of Management


Madrid, January 2018

On Friday, the 12th of January, the gaming company Codere’s Board of Management met at their Alcobendas  (Madrid) office.

This meeting attracted considerable media coverage as it resulted in the appointment of a new group chairman, Norman Sorensen, and announced the start of a new era for the company.

Interlinco provided simultaneous English-Spanish- English interpreting services along with the technical equipment for the meeting to the full satisfaction of the board members.

Consecutive Interpretation Services in Bulgarian, Serbian, English, Polish, and Russian

Best Doctors

Madrid, January 2017 -January 2018

From the months of January to July, Interlinco rendered continuous consecutive interpretation services, as well as providing language support in hospitals and doctors’ offices with foreign clients.

Interpreting services for the President of the Spanish Government

Madrid, January 2018

From the 9th to the 10th of January, the 8th edition of Spain Investors Day was held in Madrid. It was an event attended by Spain’s top firms and businesses and senior public figures along with over 170 investors from Europe, USA, Canada and Malaysia.

A notable presence at the event was Mariano Rajoy, president of the Spanish government accompanied by the Minister for Economy, Industry and Competition, the Minister for Energy and the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Interlinco provided the technical and simultaneous interpreting services for Mariano Rajoy’s contribution to the event.

Simultaeous interpretation services from Spanish to English and technical equipment


Madrid, November 2017

Our client ASISA requested simultaneous interpreting services and technical equipment for Prof. Mark Siegler’s lecture at the “Segunda conferencia magistral ASISA de bioética” held in Madrid.

Sworn interpretation services from German to Spanish

Crowe Horwarth

Madrid, November 2017

Certified interpreting services German-Spanish at court for a civil case hearing (confidential).

Whispered interpretation services from English to Spanish


Valencia, June 2017

Gransolar relied on Interlinco’s interpretation services for its corporate meeting in Valencia. In addition, Intelinco provided the Infoport technical equipment for the event.

Interpretation services English-Spanish


Madrid, June 2017

Interlinco provided the Spanish branch of National Westminster Bank with interpretation services for a press conference with its CEO.

Simultaneous interpretation services

The Key Talent

Madrid, June 2017

Interlinco participated in an event held by the company, Ironhack, with its team of simultaneous interpreters in both English and Spanish. Moreover, Interlinco also provided the simultaneous technical equipment for the event.

Simultaneous Interpretation services in FR/EN/ES and rental of technical equipment.

Bac Events

Barcelona, June 2017

Interlinco participated with its team of interpreters in Spanish/French and English/French at the 1st Seminar on challenges and opportunities of the ageing population by DomusVi held in Barcelona. The event analyzed the future of the sector focused on senior citizens.

Legal interpretation ES/FR

Málaga, May 2017

Legal interpretation services in Spanish<>English carried out in a court room while the legal representative of a multinational was being questioned.

Simultaneous interpretation and technical equipment

Mujeres Avenir

Madrid, May 2017

Mujeres Avenir has organised a new activity at the Club Financiero Génova in order to analyze digital innovation. Once again, the club could count on the collaboration of Interlinco’s French interpretation team to help break down linguistic barriers.

Simultaneous technical equipment

The Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism, and Digital Agenda l / World Tourism Organization

Madrid, May 2017

This past May, Madrid hosted the 105th meeting of the Executive Board of the World Tourism Organization where the challenges facing the tourism sector, as well as the priorities of the Organization were analysed. Interlinco was in charge of providing the technical equipment for the simultaneous interpretation: cabins, receptors, and microphones.

Simultaneous Interpretation in ES/FR and technical equipment

RS Components

Pozuelo de Alarcón, April 2017

Interlinco provided RS Components, an electrical, electronic, and industrial components distributor, with simultaneous interpretation services in Spanish/French during a corporate visit at its Pozuelo de Alarcón office in the month of April.

Simultaneous interpreting (EN/ES) and technical equipment

Fundación Colegio Alborada

Alcalá de Henares, March 2017

On March 9, 2017 Interlinco and its team of interpreters provided simultaneous interpreting services (EN/ES) during a conference where Robert Swartz, Director of the National Center for Teaching Thinking, discussed teaching methodologies for thinking-based learning.

Simultaneous interpreting and technical equipment

Mujeres Avenir

Madrid, March 2017

The French-Spanish association organized a debate entitled “How to orchestrate diversity?” at Club Financiero Génova and counted once again on Interlinco’s team of interpreters (FR/ES) for the event.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (EN/ES) and equipment rental

IDC Dockworkers

Algeciras, February 2017

Interlinco provided interpreting services for the negotiations, press conferences and assemblies held during the dockworkers conflict and was commended by all parties involved.

Interpreting (PT/ES)

Tribunal Constitucional

Madrid, February 2017

Interlinco provided consecutive interpreting services during a visit by foreign authorities.

Simultaneous interpreting and technical equipment

French Embassy – Mujeres Avenir

Madrid, February 2017

Interlinco continues to be the provider of choice of the association Mujeres Avenir for its simultaneous interpreting needs. On this occasion, the Association discussed the reality of the salary gap in France and Spain during an event organised at the residence of the French Ambassador in Madrid.


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