Language combinations

Interlinco can to perform translations for all the languages listed below:

German Arabic Byelorussian
Bulgarian Catalonian Czech
Chinese Korean Croatian
Danish Slovak Estonian
Euskara Finnish French
Galician Greek Hebrew
Húngaro English Italian
Japanese Macedonian Dutch
Norwegian Persian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Russian
Serbian Swedish Ukrainian

For sworn translation services, Spanish must be either the original language or the target language of the translation.

More information on sworn translations >>

Upmost quality and confidentiality

Our translation services are based on five key concepts: quality, confidentiality, specialisation, flexibility and commitment. We offer competitive solutions and rapid and personalised attention.

More details on our translation procedure  >>

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Ask for a free quote

Contact our Translation and Interpretation Department by sending the documents you need to translate and indicating the target language(s) as well as any other relevant details. Our Project Managers will personally assess the project and offer a free estimate for the most effective solution.


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