Interlinco provides medical translation services in Spanish and a wide range of other languages

Interlinco, which has extensive experience offering medical translation services in Spanish, provides, as well, interpretation services in a wide range of languages for leading insurance companies specializing in health insurance.

Medical interpretation is a type of consecutive interpreting that requires very specific skills. Interpreters must of course be experts in medical translation, and they must and have a thorough knowledge of the patient’s case in order to be able to accurately convey the information provided by the patient and the medical team’s indications.  Furthermore, medical interpretation services also require a great deal of empathy and sensitivity from interpreters: patients need to feel free to express themselves in delicate situations and their carers need to know they too are being considered, so sympathetic treatment is crucial.

Interlinco has a great team of professional experts in medical translation and interpreting, as well as in insurance translation. Patients requiring our interpreting services come from all over the world, so we cover a wide range of languages: English, French, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Arabic and many more.


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