Intensive course – Fridays

Last places available for Friday Masters French Course A1 (beginners). Friday from 5-8pm

Friday Intensive Courses in Madrid. Afternoon schedule

These courses are designed to develop students’ communicative ability in a short period of time.

Course details

  • Levels: From A1.1 to C1.3
  • Type: small group (3-8 students)
  • Length 4 hours every Friday for 8 weeks (32 hours) to complete half a level.
  • Location: Classes take place in our centre: General Oraá 26 (Madrid City Centre)

The course contents have been designed for each level with a communicative approach and are available for every level of ability. The training is aimed at preparing students for real life situations.

Native and experienced teachers

The intensive courses are given by native teachers. The overall grasp of the language and extensive teaching experience allow students to make the most of every hour of the intensive sessions.

Small groups and similar levels

  • Very small groups of between 3 and 8 people to maximise student interaction in the class.
  • Groups of similar levels thanks to a level test before the start of the course.


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