Immersion courses

Immersion courses in Madrid – English and other languages

The English immersion classes take place at the weekend or during the week. Teachers spend the whole day with the students practising the language, often in real situations, combining extensive tutorials with different activities (presentations, cultural outings, etc.), always held in English.

  • Languages: English (other languages available at client’s request)
  • Type: private courses (1 student) semi-private (2 students) or small group (3-6 students)
  • Location: At our Madrid headquarters or in rural houses or hotels near Madrid.
  • Minimum level required: B1/B2.

Tailor-made programmes and realistic goals

The objective is to develop students’ real communication abilities within a professional setting. To this end, we design courses to meet the needs of the client, working on areas required for day-to-day situations encountered in the business world.

  • Debates, meetings, negotiations, product/project presentations
  • E-mailing and conference calls.
  • Business vocabulary

Native teachers for effective learning

Immersion courses are taught by native English teachers (British or American) with ample experience in language training and Business English.

A perfect place for English immersion

Immersion courses take place at our Madrid headquarters or in rural houses or hotels in the Sierra de Guadarrama and in Chinchón (Madrid) with whom Interlinco has made special arrangements for the benefit of its clients.

The rural houses and hotels are equipped with all necessary facilities (Internet, audio-visual equipment, etc.) to make the most of the course and are a great starting point for discovering historical cities in the area. Consolidate the English knowledge you have acquired with group visits and cultural activities.

Ask for a free quote

Our English immersion classes are organised at the request of the client (usually companies). They contact us and we prepare a detailed offer with the programme, dates, timetables and prices.


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