Employment opportunities

Translators & Interpreters

To cope with the growing demand for translation and interpreting projects, we are always seeking highly qualified and specialised professionals with the following profile:

  • Native speakers of the target language translated
  • Minimum experience of five to ten years, providing references from previous projects
  • Specialists in particular fields of translation
  • Dedicated professionals committed to quality

We offer the opportunity to work on top level projects supported by a team of outstanding professionals, along with attractive financial remuneration. If you are interested in working with us, send an e-mail, attaching your CV and letter of presentation to the following address:


We are looking for qualified teachers, passionate about their work and interested in new methodologies. Professionals with extensive knowledge of language and a humanistic perspective of teaching:

  • Native speakers
  • Located in Madrid or its surroundings.
  • Minimum experience of five years
  • College graduates. Certified specialists in language training.
  • Proactive, creative and with an appropriate cultural level.

We offer the opportunity to work as a teacher in relevant companies, making part of a professional and solid team. If you are interested, send us your CV and cover letter to the following e-mail address:


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