In-company Language Training

English, French, German, Portuguese and other languages

We offer a broad range of language training (English, French, German, Portuguese and other languages) taught in communicative and highly participatory classes. Tailor-made private classes: Programme and timetable flexibility to meet your needs. Classes may take place in our centre or at the client’s headquarters.

  • Private tailor-made courses: Total flexibility and training programmes designed to meet the student’s needs.
  • Group courses: for employees with similar levels thanks to our level test before the beginning of the course.
  • Specialised courses: Tailor-made specialised classes (Business/Legal/Technical English, etc.).
  • Immersion courses: full language immersion during the week or at weekends (more information available upon request).

Our select team of experienced teachers are native-speakers in all of the major languages. Prior to starting the course, an introduction letter is given to the client with the teacher’s professional information for approval.

We facilitate language learning in your office

Our training coordinators offer personalised quality attention to each of our clients. Whether it is a private class or a company training programme, our courses are designed as follows:

Planes de formacion idiomas empresas

Ask for a free quote

Contact us outlining the characteristics of the course (languages, number of students, objectives, possible times, etc.) and we will prepare a detailed offer to meet your needs.


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