Corporate Social Responsibility

Social and Environmental Concern

We have always been aware of the responsibility of each and every one of us to contribute to improving society and to preserving the environment. As a result of this awareness, Interlinco is a long term collaborator in the following projects:

Opening of photo exhibition “Ventana Cubana”

January 2016 – After the great reception of our previous exhibitions of international photography, Interlinco has once again taken this initiative to support young photographers, by inaugurating at the beginning of 2016 a new exhibition entitled “Ventana Cubana”.

This time, the photographer Raki Nikahetiya (Sri Lanka, 1983) opens a window to the vibrant mix of colours and images offered by the island of Cuba in these historical times of change. The series “Ventana Cubana” shows moments of the daily life of the Cuban inhabitants, opposing decadent cities with joy and dreams of a future full of possibilities.

This exhibition will be open during 2017. You are very welcome to visit us and enjoy it!

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Kiva, microcredits for small scale entrepreneurs

Kiva is a non-profit making organisation which puts lenders in touch with small scale entrepreneurs in developing countries, helping them to escape the poverty trap.

This two-minute video shows how Kiva operates through the local entities which are in charge of distributing 100% of the loan and, thus, of its return. Very interesting!

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Photography exhibition – Yemen

Starting on March 2014, Interlinco launched a series of exhibitions aimed towards supporting young photographers and artists. This exhibition is by Spanish photographer Juan Herrero. It offers a unique insight into the country of Yemen and its society, which wouldn’t be able to survive without ancestral traditions based on family bonds and hospitality. Conflicts are resolved following traditional rules that go beyond any legal principle, helping Yemeni people overcome many hardships that other societies wouldn’t be able to cope with. Herrero’s photography mirrors the everyday toils and pleasures of the Yemeni people.

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SAUCE non-governmental organisation works for development in Cambodia. SAUCE projects focus on education, help for the disabled, and providing basic infrastructures (mainly, water supply). Interlinco has been a sponsor for more than a decade.

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Global Humanitaria

Global Humanitaria is an independent non-profit community development organisation with focus on the needs and protection of children. Since 1999, they are active in nine countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa implementing programs to promote their development processes, reduce poverty and social inequality and to build immediate and lasting change.

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ALMA Cooperation for development – Peru

Interlinco has collaborated with ALMA Cooperación since 2009 in Peru. Interlinco organised and funded a campaign to provide school materials and equipment for the pupils of School nº 22.658 in Guayabo in the Ica region, or provided support to the families in the village of San Matías in the rebuilding of their homes following the earthquake in the region, a project in which we were also able to count on the support of many clients, collaborators and friends.

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Many thanks to all those who helped!

Managing our environmental impact

We sincerely believe that all of us, not just large scale businesses and institutions, need to work towards protecting our environment. At Interlinco we try to do our bit with environmentally responsible business practices:

  • Efficient use of electronic communications to minimise impacts
  • Application of an energy saving and efficiency policy
  • Optimising use of resources in our offices
  • Conservation, re-use and recycling policy in our offices.


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