Consecutive interpreting

Meetings and events that do not require technical equipment

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter is located right next to the participants. Speakers pause occasionally allowing the interpreter to translate the speech to the audience. The interpreter listens to the speakers and translates their thoughts when they finish, usually with the aid of handwritten notes.

Consecutive interpretation allows two-way communication between people of different native languages without any kind of technical equipment.


Our experience speaks for itself

This type of interpretation is ideal for small meetings with only two languages in use (meetings on highly technical issues, working lunches, small groups, tours, etc.).

Interlinco has proven experience in organising consecutive interpreting for Spanish and international companies and organisations. Our experience includes interpreting services for live TV shows, meetings between politicians of different countries, ambassadors, etc. Recently, we have also begun providing interpreting services for foreign clients of top private hospitals.

Turnkey consecutive interpretation management

We provide turnkey solutions for interpretation at all events. Depending on customer requirements, our services include:

  • Preliminary and advisory consultation as well as full interpretation management.
  • Top level bilingual, specialised interpreters with years of experience
  • Complementary translation services


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