Chinese translation services

About 1.3 billion people speak Chinese, making it the most widely spoken language in the world and the demand for translation services in this language has been growing for years. China is the second largest economic power in the world and many European companies have the Asian giant in their sights when making investments.

We offer high-quality, regular and certified, translation services between Chinese and Spanish.


Certified quality and maximum confidentiality

Our translation procedure, certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards, is designed to ensure maximum accuracy and consistency of the translation, efficient management of projects and personalised customer service.

We apply a strict confidentiality policy with advanced computerised security systems and rigorous confidentiality agreements with our clients and suppliers.

General or specialised translations

We undertake numerous and varied translation projects from Chinese in multiple language combinations. Technical translations require a deep and specific knowledge of the field. Each project is assigned to a team of Chinese translators specialising in the field and the work is subsequently reviewed.

  • Chinese legal translations: for contracts, agreements, due diligence reports, patents, claims, etc.
  • Chinese financial translations: for annual accounts, financial statements, annual reports, audit reports, etc.
  • Chinese technical translations: technical specifications, calls for tender and bids, technical studies, etc.
  • Chinese marketing and website translation for an effective marketing impact.
  • Chinese certified translators authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We compile databases of the specific terminology for each sector and for each client, thus achieving consistency and standardisation through various projects.

Ask for a free quote

Contact our Translation and Interpretation Department by sending the documents you need to translate and indicating the target language(s) as well as any other relevant details. Our Project Managers will personally assess the project and offer a free estimate for the most effective solution.


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