Certified translation services

Accuracy, confidentiality and reliability

Certified or sworn translations are official documents required to attest to the validity of the original document when submitted to official authorities, educational institutions or other.


Sworn translators authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Our team of qualified sworn translators authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with our full compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, allow Interlinco to guarantee upmost quality.

We have a wide experience in the certified translation of the following documents:

  • Contracts
  • Official and academic certificates
  • Company incorporation and articles of association
  • Annual Reports (consolidated and non-consolidated)
  • Tax declarations
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Documents issued by the Commercial Registry
  • Public deeds
  • Powers of attorney and deeds of consent
  • Protocols
  • Translation of patents
  • Official transcriptions

We perform, on a daily basis, sworn translation services for numerous law firms, financial institutions and other national and international companies (see industries and clients).

Certified translations in Madrid and all around Spain

At the client’s choice, sworn translation can be picked up at our headquarters in Madrid (see location) or sent by courier. Sworn translations are issued on official paper, signed and stamped by the sworn translator.

Sworn translations in all European Union languages (English, Spanish, German, French, etc.) as well as Arabic, Chinese, Russian and many others

In order to offer sworn translation services by translators registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spanish must be either the original language or the target language of the translation. We have sworn translators available for the following languages:

German Arabic Byelorussian
Bulgarian Catalonian Czech
Chinese Korean Croatian
Danish Slovak Estonian
Euskara Finnish French
Galician Greek Hebrew
Húngaro English Italian
Japanese Macedonian Dutch
Norwegian Persian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Russian
Serbian Swedish Ukrainian

Ask for a free quote

You may send us the documents you need translating (in a scanned file which includes front and back of all sheets, stamps, signatures, Apostille of the Hague or other legalisations, if any), or deliver it directly to us in our offices and we will deliver a detailed quotation on the same day.


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