Business english course

Mastering Business English Madrid

Our English course for the business sector, Mastering Business, is of a highly technical nature (commercial, financial, marketing, etc.) given by native teachers with specific work experience in the area.

  • Minimum level required: High intermediate (B2) or higher.
  • Length: group classes are provided every Friday afternoon (3 hours a day for 8 consecutive Fridays). For individual and company classes, the programme and length of time will be adjusted to suit the student.
  • Type: small group (3-8 students) with similar levels (level tests).
  • Location: Classes take place in our centre or at the client’s headquarters.

Native teachers for effective learning

Immersion courses are taught by native English teachers (British or American) with ample experience in language training in business environments.

Tailor-made programmes and realistic goals

The objective is to develop students’ real communication abilities in a professional setting (debates, meetings, negotiations, presentations, etc.).

To achieve this, the course includes, for example, presentation of structured arguments, speech organisation, writing emails, business vocabulary, etc.

The classes are dynamic, alternating grammatical structures with practical classes where the students work with real models, presentations, etc.

Dates, prices and timetables

We provide private and group business English classes in our classrooms or in the client’s office. For information on our private and company classes, contact us directly. You can access our course calendar for information on the dates, prices and timetables of our group classes.


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