Language services for companies

Experts in language training for professionals

Results and quality are our main priority. That is why Interlinco provides language training for so many companies and organisations.

In-company language solutions

From a single private course to fully managed multilingual training programme for large corporations, Interlinco has the experience and resources to offer you an effective quality solution for your language training needs.

  • Experienced native teachers
  • Goal-orientated training programmes with a flexible schedule.
  • Private and group courses, both at the client office or our premises
  • Evaluation tests and continuous monitoring records
  • Management of FUNDAE subsidies (Public Financing for Corporate Training)

Additionally we have professional teachers of English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese and Russian who have worked in different business sectors in their home countries and have extensive teaching experience.

Language level tests for employees and selection procedures

Our language level tests allow us to define your employees’ language level in order to establish a structured training programme. Likewise, many companies and recruitment agencies require our language test services during selection procedures.


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