Annual event with our team and collaborators

Madrid, July 2019. On 5th July, Interlinco Servicios Lingüísticos and Akkam Research Services held its classic summer dinner attended by its team of translators, interpreters and language teachers. This year it also celebrates the 15th anniversary of founding Interlinco and the 12th anniversary of the joint venture that brought both companies together.

The reception, with the Centro Riojano of Madrid as its venture, consisted of a cocktail dinner during which the attendees were able to share treasured experiences and memories from these long years of close collaboration.

During the evening, those present enjoyed an emotive recitation of Antonio Machado’s poems by Joaquín Sánchez-Cervera —our director’s father— followed by Take this Waltz, the famous theme in which the great Leonard Cohen pays homage to Federico García-Lorca. You may see the projection on the following link:

To conclude the event, Lourdes Sánchez-Cervera and Alfred G. Kavanagh, directors of Interlinco and Akkam, were able to express their thanks to the professional translators, interpreters and teachers whose experience and professionalism have made uninterrupted success possible for Akkam-Interlinco in all its branches of activity.

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