About us

A passion for language

Interlinco is a leading service provider of language services specialising in translation, interpretation, language training and other high added value linguistic solutions.  We are assisted in this task by our team of multinational linguists, all talented, highly qualified and experienced language professionals.

“A testimony to the quality of our tailor-made service are the hundreds of businesses and national and international organisations that we have continued to work with over the years.”

Lourdes Sánchez-Cervera, Managing Director Interlinco

We are a dynamic, client-focused company. Our mission is to offer top quality service to our clients. We provide our employees with a pleasant working environment, enabling them to develop on both professional and personal levels with a view to giving 100% service to the customer.


Commitment and quality

Since its foundation, Interlinco has been committed to providing the highest standards of quality in all its services. To achieve this, our work ethic is firmly based on five key concepts:

  • People: A talented, highly qualified professionals bring enthusiasm and interest to every project they undertake
  • Experience: Years of experience and acquired know-how. Continuous improvement approach
  • Client-oriented: We work with and for our clients, building close and long lasting relationships
  • Innovation: New technologies, CAT tools, management of processes, information and communications
  • Commitment: To our clients, our team, and with society and the environment


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