COVID-19. We are fully equipped to be working remotely and safely. In
the new reality, our contribution to society must be to continue
delivering high-quality translations, interpreting services and language
training programs, preserving activity, employment and top-quality

We are still there for you!

The Interlinco Team

Interlinco is a leading language service provider with more than twenty years’ experience

Experts in translation and interpreting


We provide translation and localisation services in over 40 languages. We translate thousands of projects every year in a wide range of sectors. Our clients include multinational industry leaders, small and medium sized businesses and private individuals.

Quality assurance: ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified company
Professional mother-tongue translators with direct expertise in the relevant field
Dedicated project managers oversee the entire process
Your private information will be handled confidentially and securely

Effective language training

In-company business language training courses

Experienced and knowledgeable native-speaking teachers

Training programmes for businesses

Language assessment tests

Client’s references and testimonials

Latest news

News, events, courses and information on the translation and interpreting industries.


During the lockdown, ICT has played a fundamental role in our daily life. At Interlinco, our entire...


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